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10 Days North – Historical Route Bahir Dar – Gondar – Axum – Lalibela

10 Days North – Historical Route Bahir Dar – Gondar – Axum – Lalibela

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Day 1: Drive to Bahir dar
Early in the morning, depart north to Bahir Dar via Debre Markos. On the way visit the Debre Libanos Monastery and the Portuguese Bridge, which was the first bridge in Ethiopia. After lunch in Debre Markos, you will pass through the spectacular Blue Nile Gorge. Overnight in Bahir Dar (hotel).

Day 2: City tour in Bahir dar and the surrounding
In the morning, take a boat trip on Lake Tana to visit the island monasteries, such as those on the Zege Peninsula and Kibran Gabriel (which does not allow entry for women.) In the afternoon, drive to the Blue Nile Falls for an easy hike around the area. In the early evening, complete your tour of Bahir Dar with a drive up to Haile Selassies’ old palace and sunset over the source of the Nile River. Overnight in Bahir Dar (hotel).

Day 3: Drive to Gondar
After breakfast, drive to Gondar, appreciating the landscape of the Amhara tribe on the way. Once in Gondar, visit the Castles of King Fasilides and the Debre Birhan Silassie church, with the most famous ceiling in Ethiopia. Overnight in Gondar (hotel).
Day 4: Drive to Axum
In the morning, depart north for Axum, enjoying spectacular views of the Simien Mountains. After stopping for lunch in Adarky, proceed driving through the Tekeze Valley to Axum, home of the ancient Axumite Empire, the Queen of Sheba, and the Ark of the Covenant. Overnight in Axum (hotel).

Day 5: Visit the Axmite Stele, St. Mary of Zion churches and others
Today will be a full day visiting the sites of Axum, including the famous obelisks (one that was just erected after being returned from Italy), the Queen of Sheba’s Bath (which supplies water to Axum year-round), King Bazen’s tomb, and the Queen of Sheba’s Palace. You can also visit the St. Mary of Zion church, where the Ark of the Covenant is kept. Men only are allowed to enter the old church. Unfortunately, no one (except one specially chosen guardian monk) is allowed to enter the chapel where the Ark is kept. Overnight in Axum (hotel).

Day 6: Drive to Mekele
After breakfast, drive to visit the ruins of Yeha, dating from the 8th to 5th centuries BC, and thought to be the capital of Ethiopian civilization before Axum. Afterwards, visit the Debre Damo monastery, where the men (sorry! No women allowed.) must climb up a 15-m rope to enter. Overnight in Mekele (hotel).

Day 7: Drive to Lalibela
Early in the morning, embark on a full day of driving to Lalibela. Overnight in Lalibela (hotel).

Day 8: City tour in Lalibela
Visit the 11 rock-hewn churches of the remarkable King Lalibela. Overnight in Lalibela (hotel).

Day 9: Day trips from Lalibela
Early in the morning after breakfast, take a mule trek up to the Ahseton Maryam monastery, set on the mountain overlooking the town of Lalibela. Afterwards, continue driving to Kombolcha via Woldia, stopping for a visit in the town of Hayk, where you can visit the lake and the local monastery. Overnight in Kombolcha (hotel).

Day 10: Drive to Kombolcha
Return driving to Addis via Kombolcha. On the way you pass the Mezezo Escarpment, with a good chance to see the endemic gelada baboons. Also, if this day is a Monday, there will be a short detour in the morning to stop in Bati for one of the largest markets in the country, including the interesting camel market.

Day 11: Drive back to Addis Ababa and departure

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