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5-Day Tour to the South OMO

5-Day Tour to the South OMO

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Day 1: Depart south from Addis via the Rift Valley Lakes.
You will spend the night in the Dorze village in their traditional tall beehive-like huts. You will have a chance to see the people doing the Dorze “rump shaker” dance. You are, of course, encouraged to participate. OVER NIGHT DORZE

Day 2: Drive to Turmi via Weyto.
On the way, visit the Benna and Ari tribes (Friday is market day) for overnight – camping or in lodge.
Day 3: Excursion to Omorate
In the morning, drive to Omorate where you will cross the Omo River by local boat and visit the Dasennech tribes. Afterwards, you will return to Turmi. After lunch drive to Dimeka to visit the market after wards drive back to turmi. At night, see the traditional night dance of the Hamer people, known as Evangadi. Over night Turmi

Day 4: Today we depart from Turmi to visit Konso.
The Konso people are known for their totems erected in honor of the dead and their intricate agricultural terracing techniques. Afterwards, drive to Arba minch. Over night in Arba Minch

Day 5: Drive to Awassa
O/n stay in Awassa

Day 6: Drive back to Addis Ababa

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